Best Removal Tool Review

Revo Uninstaller Pro


  • Forcefully Uninstalls Every Bit of Any Software
  • Completely Removes All Associated Files During Uninstallation
  • Gets Rid of Frustrating Uninstallation Error Messages
  • Completely Removes Annoying Toolbars
  • Easily Removes Hard to Uninstall Games
  • Monitors Future Installations for easy uninstallation


  • Limited customer support option

Revo Uninstaller Review

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Best Removal Tool is one of the most reliable uninstaller software and its easy to understand why... This powerful uninstallation tool helps users successfully uninstall as well as completely remove all traces and leftovers of any unwanted program. Including difficult to uninstall antivirus software, hard to delete games, annoying toolbars and accidental downloads.

Once installed, Best Removal Tool displays a full list of newly installed as well as other programs currently installed on your computer. To completely uninstall a program, either double click or right click on the program icon to initiate the process of complete uninstallation of the selected program. The uninstaller software then completely removes the selected application - Including associated registry entries, leftovers of Windows Services, Drivers, File associations, Shell Extensions, COM components and all.

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Review Details

Best Removal Tool Solution:

Easy to Use:

Revo Uninstaller is pretty easy to use. Once downloaded, follow the on screen installation prompts to properly install and launch the uninstaller.

The tool's user interface  is intuitively laid out with tabs clearly arranged at the top. Clicking on the uninstaller tab lets you see a complete list of all programs and applications currently installed on your computer.

Best Removal Tool offers a choice of either a quick uninstallation, uninstall or a forced uninstallation. Once you have located the program you wish to uninstall - click on the program's icon to highlight it and then click on the uninstallation method of your choice to commence uninstallation.

**** How Best Removal Tool Works ***

Initial Analysis:

Once an uninstallation process is initiated in Best Removal Tool user interface, the software first performs an initial analysis on the program to be removed. This analysis involves attempts to locate and startup any built it default program uninstaller.

Full Registry Backup:

As a safe guard Revo Uninstaller creates a full registry backup before uninstalling your chosen program. This makes it easy to restore the last registry settings if anything goes wrong after the uninstallation process.

System Restore Point:

System restore points enable you to restore your computer to a time in the past when everything worked fine. Before attempting to remove any program Revo also creates a system restore point as an added layer of safeguard to your uninstallation activity.

Safe, Moderate as well as Advanced Remnants Scan:

After the initial uninstallation using the default program's uninstaller, Revo uninstaller allows you to to scan, locate and delete found leftovers of any registry items. This essentially frees up space and de-clutters your system's registry - improving overall PC performance.

Quick/Mulitple Uninstaller:

The quick uninstall is the easy, fast and automated method of uninstalling a program using Best Removal Tool. First you need to select a program from the program list and then click on the "quick uninstall" tab to commence the uninstallation process.

You can also initiate uninstallation of multiple programs and applications. However, multiple initiated quick uninstallation take place one at a time.

Forced Uninstaller:

For those hard to remove programs and application, the forced uninstaller is the ideal solution. This tool allows you to search for unwanted programs by their exact name or simply enter the program's file or folder path and forcefully remove it. 

Before the uninstallation process begins, Revo uninstaller locates and offers you the ability to remove the program using it's in-built default uninstaller or otherwise uninstall using the programs forced uninstallation tool.

Ideal for removing partially installed applications, incompletely uninstalled programs as well as programs not found in the list of your installed programs. Forced uninstallation also finds and lets you completely remove leftovers of the uninstalled program or application.

Revo Hunter Mode:

Revo Uninstaller Hunter mode accessible from the "view" tab drop down menu exits the main program window and launches a small icon on your desktop. To quickly uninstall any item from your PC either drag the icon over the program or drag the program's icon over the hunter icon commence the uninstallation process.

In-Built Progarm Installer:

Best Removal Tool also comes with an inbuilt programs and applications installer. When used to install any program on your computer, this tool monitors the installation process - recording every changes as well as entries made to your computer during the installation process.

This allows the tool to easily and completely remove the program in future when you no longer want it.

*** Additional System Optimisation Tools ***

Autorun Manager:

Autorun manager works in the same way as the default windows startup manager application. This feature can be accessed from the tools drop down menu options in Revo's user interface.

The Autorun manager displays a list of all the programs that load on your computer during windows startup. From here you can easily disable programs and applications that don't necessarily need to load during startup - effectively boosting your computer's startup speed..

Junk Files Cleaner:

The junk files cleaner also accessible through the tools section finds and allows you to remove unnecessary files accumulated on your computer by your windows applications.

Junk file cleanup is an essential part of improving overall computer speed and performance and one that you'll find in most recommended tips for speeding up a computer. This is for the simple reason that it frees up much needed hard disk space needed for faster PC use.

Windows Tools:

Windows tools groups several windows utilities and tools and displays them in one single convenient location for easy access. This eliminates the inconvenience of having to search around your computer for their locations before you can use them.

This tab features some of the most used Windows utilities such as - system properties, disk defragmenter, system restore, network diagnostics and lots more.

Browser Cleaner:

Revo uninstaller also comes with a browser cleaner tool. In the browser cleaner tab you'll find a list of all currently installed browsers on your computer.

Simply select the browser of your choice and remove all any type of record they hold - including browsing history, viewed images, online videos watched etc.

The browser cleaner is handy for the times you don't want your personal browsing habits to be a common knowledge to anyone that gets on you computer.

More so, cleaning up your browser every once in a while frees up hard drive space and adds a little extra boost to overall PC performance.

Microsoft Office Cleaner:

Although not of exceptional interest, Revo's Microsoft office cleaner lets you remove history of your most recently accessed office files and documents.

This feature may be useful in times when you do not want anyone discovering the last set of Microsoft office file you accessed or worked on.

Evidence Remover and Unrecoverable Delete:

For those times you want to completely get rid of any file or document from your PC permanently - this is the tool you need.

It is not just enough to simply delete or move files or folders to your recycle bin and assume they are gone forever. Simple data recovery tools can easily recover them.

Evidence remover or the unrecoverable delete tools lets you remove these files or folders and makes them un-recoverable - even with advanced data recovery tools.

Customer and Product Support:

Customer support is offered via email. However Revo's support page features in depth video tutorials on how to use the tool to remove unwanted programs and applications. Plus an exhaustive list of frequently asked question as well as a detailed downloadable user manual in PDF format.

Bottom Line:

When you need to completely uninstall any unwanted program or application with ease, Best Removal Tool is just what you need. The software comes with a 30 day free trial that allows you to fully evaluate the tool before making a purchase.

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