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Perfect Uninstaller

5 Stars

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Easy To Use, Completely Uninstalls Hard to Remove Program, Finds and Removes Registry Entries, More Effective than Windows Add/Remove Utility

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Max Uninstaller

5 Stars

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1-click un-installation of orrupted or unwanted programs, Custom un-installation of impossible to remove programs, Removes uninstalled program's registry entries as well as drivers

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Revo Uninstaller Pro

5 Stars

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Forcefully Uninstalls Every Bit of Any Software, Completely Removes All Associated Files During Un-installation, Gets Rid of Frustrating Un-installation Error Messages

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Uninstaller Software Review

An Uninstaller software makes it EASY for you to get rid of any unwanted program. Including genuine or rogue antivirus software, pc games and applications. Or any other applications that seem impossible to delete from your computer - no matter how much you try.

Unlike the default Windows add/remove application, an Uninstaller software also completely removes all the traces of the program it uninstalls. Eliminating all those annoying error messages, freeing up much needed space and improving overall PC performance.

The fact of the matter is uninstalling of software is truly unavoidable. Even a brand new computer comes pre-loaded with trial applications, demo-ware, and all sorts of extras that the software industry pays to be included on your computer when you received it. Not only do these superfluous applications slow down your computer, they also waste your valuable hard drive space.

For computers that aren’t brand new, un-installation is just as inevitable. New versions of software are constantly under development, the newest and most trendy applications seem to change every few months. Even your computer’s browser will release a new version now and again. As the world of software grows and develops and as your interests and computer needs change with time, un-installation simply becomes part of everyday computer use.

Most computer programs come with uninstaller functionality installed into them, often named “unwise.exe”, which include instructions on how to quickly and safely remove their associated files. Unfortunately, these instructions are often written poorly or with little foresight. The end result is an incomplete un-installation, leaving your computer full of the useless files and registry errors that are associated with performance decreases, relentless error messages, and even crashes.

Of course sometimes botched un-installation isn’t accidental, but intentional. Occasionally programs are designed to resist un-installation, or to make it as hard as possible, sometimes maliciously and sometimes benevolently. For example, antivirus software is often designed to be as difficult to remove as possible. This makes it more challenging for certain processes to circumvent or disable your antivirus protection, but it also makes it painful and tedious to try and remove most antivirus programs.

On the malicious side, some malware programs are designed to resist un-installation so that they can continue to carry out their atrocities - regardless of your consent, and these programs know exactly how to evade the predictable and simplistic default windows uninstaller software.

Regardless of how or why it happens, there are two take home messages. The first is that the un-installation is a fact of life, and getting new software updates isn’t something that’s going to change in the foreseeable future. The second is that the Windows default uninstaller software is more often than not inept, routinely resulting in botched un-installations that fill your computer with useless file remnants that can cause your system serious problems. Fortunately, the software industry has stepped in to fix this longstanding problem by developing a host of powerful uninstaller software solutions.

What do you look for in the best uninstaller software?

The core functionality of any uninstaller software suite includes, of course, the ability to successfully uninstall programs from your computer. Of course if it was that simple, you wouldn’t need to go beyond the Windows uninstaller. The actual strength of any given software and its power to remove programs successfully actually varies widely. Some software even varies in regards to the type of programs that it removes. This means that you need to have a definite idea of the kind of programs and processes you want your uninstaller software to take care of while you’re making your decision.

Do you need the software to remove several of the most difficult to remove programs in existence, or are you just looking for something with a little more power than the default uninstaller? Depending on your answer, select an uninstaller program that you know will get the job done for you. Uninstaller software isn’t a one size fits all glove, and ensuring that your specific needs will be covered is an important first step in selection.

Ability to Effectively Remove Remnants:

Uninstaller software should offer the solutions needed to give you both peace of mind and to improve your computer’s speed and available storage space. Aside from removing programs from your computer, most uninstaller suites go several steps further. For example, several of the more successful and popular uninstaller wizards go as far as to offer you the ability to remove useless files and folders from failed un-installations that were carried out in the distant past.

It’s also not uncommon to find programs that include junk file cleaners, like the ability to remove temporary files. Among these junk file removers you may even find the some basic registry cleaning functions. Whenever a program is uninstalled by Windows, the entries that the program made in the Windows registry often remain even after its removal.

To solve that problem, many have turned to software designed specifically to remove useless or broken registry entries in your computer. Left alone, these entries can often morph into a host of serious computer issues ranging from crashes to privacy exploits.  While many uninstaller software suites include tools to cleanup these useless registry entries - Windows does not. Some others have the ability to retroactively remove useless registry entries that have been left by prior un-installations.

While extras like registry cleaners or junk file removers aren’t a make-or-break factor in choosing un-installation software, all else being equal, having extra useful functions are an excellent way to differentiate a passable uninstaller software suite from an excellent one.

Ease of use

Uninstalling programs from your computer shouldn’t be a difficult task, that’s why uninstaller wizards were invented. That means that the moment that you have to spend more than a few seconds or a couple of clicks to remove a program from your computer, you know you’re using the wrong solution. Look for uninstaller software that requires the least clocks to accomplishing an un-installation process.

Customer support/service

Although you may never need it, choosing uninstaller software that includes great customer support and technical service can be surprisingly important. The best uninstaller software solutions come with a broad means of obtaining product support when you need it.

Solutions that offer email and telephone support as well comprehensive product documentation are best to go with.

Regular Automatic Updates:

Regular product updates is inevitable if your uninstaller software is going to keep pace with new ways programmers find to make the un-installation of their programs even harder.  Make sure your chosen solution includes automatic and free updates. 

Custom Un-installation Help Request:

Some of the best uninstaller programs include the ability to submit a ticket directly to the software developers in order to create free custom solutions to any program that their software won’t remove on its own. While you’ll probably never download and install a program that will give you that much trouble, being rest assured that you’re protected if you do is worth some serious consideration.

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