Perfect Uninstaller Review

Perfect Uninstaller


  • Easy To Use
  • Completely Uninstalls Hard to Remove Program
  • Finds and Removes Registry Entries
  • More Effective than Windows Add/Remove Utility
  • Improves PC Performance
  • Forcibly Removes Annoying Toolbars
  • Gets Rid of Unwanted Downloaded Games
  • Removes every Traces of Unwanted Antivirus Application

  • Only supports the following operating systems: - Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/ Vista32/ Vista64

Perfect Uninstaller Review


Perfect Uninstaller makes it a lot easier to get rid of any program on your computer that appears to defy all uninstallation attempts. If you are pulling your hair right now - trying to figure out the best way to forcibly remove an annoying toolbar, expired or redundant antivirus application or any game you no longer want... Stop! 

Instead, take advantage of Perfect Uninstaller's easy to use, step-by-step forced removal solution for uninstalling stubborn program and applications. This uninstaller makes it less complicated and much faster to completely remove all traces of any program you want to get rid of from your computer.

Review Details

Perfect Uninstaller Solution:

Some programs really, really do not like to be uninstalled. Sometimes it’s a malware program that has been designed to be frustrating or downright impossible to remove. Other times, programs you’ve intentionally installed are designed to resist uninstallation. Antivirus software, for example, often makes uninstallation difficult so that malware processes cannot easily disable them. Or perhaps you’ve removed a program, but files and folders still linger from its installation, cluttering your hard drive space and making any later reinstallation more difficult.

Regardless of how it happened, the fact of the matter is that the Windows default uninstaller software doesn't always do a good job. That’s why uninstallation software like Perfect Uninstaller has been developed. Anyone who takes their computer’s health and the integrity of their system seriously cannot rely on the minimalistic at best default uninstallation method offered by Windows.

The Good...?

Ease of Use

A clean user interface plus clearly defined tabs makes using Perfect Uninstaller software easy to use.

Once installed, perfect uninstaller scans, identifies and lists all your installed programs, games and applications. Use the slider to locate the program you wish to uninstall. 

Normal, Forced and Special Uninstall Options:

Once you launch the program, Perfect Uninstaller loads a simple menu what lists every piece of software that is installed on your computer. It then offers three different means of uninstalling that software. The first option is “uninstall”, which is the normal uninstallation option that should be used for most of the programs on your computer. This uninstallation is as clean as any Perfect Uninstaller installation, and is carried out directly and simply.

The second option is “force uninstall”, which is your first stop if the normal uninstallation option fails to remove your target files. This option attempts to remove the program with force, removing all the files that are associated with the program that is being uninstalled.  Force uninstall is an excellent way to remove programs that were installed incorrectly or are corrupt - two of the leading causes of failure for the default Windows uninstallation.

The third and final option is “special uninstall.” Some programs are designed to be difficult to remove, even requiring a long series of steps to be removed correctly. Parental Control software, for example, often is designed to persist in its duties and require a special key for uninstallation.  The special uninstall option has a variety of options and methods for removing these hard to remove programs.

Best of all, if Perfect Uninstall is unable to remove a program through its special uninstallation feature, users can click a button to submit information about the seemingly immovable program to the developers of Perfect Uninstaller who will individually design and send you a solution to your problem in under a week.. 

In-Built Start-up Manager:

Apart from its obvious features as an installation software suite, Perfect Uninstaller includes a Startup Manager that enables you to choose which programs launch during boot-up. When Windows boots up, it often by default launches several programs that have designated themselves to turn on by default. These processes slow down your computer as the files and programs you’re actually using have to compete for valuable system resources against idle processes. The Startup Manager helps you get around this by turning off automatic boot processes for programs you don’t want to launch every time you turn your computer on.

System Registry Cleaner:

Perfect Uninstaller also includes a registry cleaner tool. While Windows does come with a default uninstallation tool, it does not include any software which helps you to clean or repair your Windows registry. Every time you install a program, Windows makes an entry in the registry to help facilitate that program’s functionality. But registry entries linger after uninstallation, and a build-up of useless entries or erroneous data can slow down your computer over time, leaving only a full system reinstallation or a registry cleaning tool as your only realistic options.

FREE Trial:

Perfect Uninstaller offers a free trial as well as a sixty day money back guarantee.

Adequate Customer Support:

Needless to say from a company that offers you custom solutions to any problems that the program can’t fix by default, Perfect Uninstaller has formidable customer support. Apart from a comprehensive FAQ on their website, Perfect Uninstaller offers both e-mail and telephone support. While there may be no live chat support, Perfect Uninstaller is simple enough to where more severe types of technical support are exceedingly unlikely to be needed.

The Bad...?

While the start-up manager is a very valuable and powerful tool for any Windows user to have, the tool is a little redundant for more experienced Windows users. This is because much like how Windows has a default uninstallation wizard, it also has a default start-up manager. But unlike the default Windows uninstallation software, the default start-up manager is actually a useful and powerful tool on its own. But because accessing and using the default start-up manager is usually more difficult for a novice computer user, Perfect Uninstaller including it as an added bonus is still worth considering.

Bottom Line:

All in all, Perfect Uninstaller is a very good piece of software. It works as it’s supposed to do, most of the time, and when it doesn’t, it still includes the tools needed to get the job done. While not exactly a one click solution to your uninstallation problems, credit is given where credit is due, and Perfect Uninstaller does get the job done. It’s faster than the basic Windows uninstaller, it’s more proficient at removing corrupt directories and files that most of its competition, and it isn’t terribly difficult to use


Perfect Uninstaller
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